Black Long Robes

Alexis Dash
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Are you in search of the perfect addition to your wardrobe that exudes elegance and style? Look no further! In this article, we’ll be rounding up the top black long robes that will make you stand out in any crowd. From luxurious fabrics to flattering silhouettes, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to elevate your fashion game with our top picks for the Black Long Robe!

The Top 5 Best Black Long Robes

  1. Comfy, stylish long robe for men with hood and sherpa-velour lining — Experience ultimate relaxation and luxury with the Ross Michaels Big & Tall Sherpa-Velour Lined Robe, featuring a hood, convenient pockets, and the perfect fit for all sizes.
  2. Relaxing Satin Robe with Pockets and Stretch for Optimal Comfort — XS/S, Stars Above, Lightweight Material — Experience ultimate comfort and style with this Stars Above Long-Sleeve Satin Robe in Black, featuring 97% recycled polyester and lightweight fabric for everyday pampering.
  3. Luxurious Black Plush Women’s Robe with Satin Trim — Experience ultimate comfort with Pavilia’s Soft Plush Women’s Fleece Robe, featuring a luxurious satin waffle trim, adjustable waist strap, and 260 GSM microfiber polyester construction for the perfect fit and cozy warmth.
  4. Luxurious Hooded Full-Length Big and Tall Robe for Men — Experience ultimate comfort and elegance in a long hooded black robe from Ross Michaels, featuring polyester velour fabric, convenient tie closure pockets, and machine wash capabilities.
  5. Comfortable Plush Zippered Lounger Robe — Black — Experience ultimate comfort with the Black Robe Womens’ Just Love Plush Zipper Lounger Robe, featuring a full-length front zipper and 100% polyester microfleece fabric for a supreme soft touch.

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Comfy, stylish long robe for men with hood and sherpa-velour lining

Comfy, stylish long robe for men with hood and sherpa-velour lining | Image

Step into comfort and style with your very own Big & Tall Sherpa-lined robe from Ross Michaels. Designed with the manly figure in mind, this extra-long, lush robe promises to provide the ultimate cozy experience. Measuring an impressive 55–59 inches in length, this roomy number not only covers, but embraces, delivering head-to-toe warmth without any unnecessary weight.

Boasting a luxurious plush polyester exterior and super soft Sherpa-Velour lining, this robe is the epitome of hotel-quality comfort. The convenient tie closure and spacious hip pockets add a practical touch, making it a perfect choice for everyday use or a thoughtful gift. The plush fabric throughout creates a hotel-like feel without the expensive price tag, making it the perfect addition to your loungewear collection.

The Ross Michaels Big & Tall Sherpa-lined robe is available in a range of sizes, from Small/Medium to XXX-Large, ensuring comfort for every manly figure. Machine washable for added convenience, this versatile robe is a must-have staple that will provide cozy relaxation for years to come. So why not indulge in the lap of luxury with this outstanding Big & Tall Sherpa-lined robe from Ross Michaels?

Relaxing Satin Robe with Pockets and Stretch for Optimal Comfort — XS/S, Stars Above, Lightweight Material

Relaxing Satin Robe with Pockets and Stretch for Optimal Comfort - XS/S, Stars Above, Lightweight Material | Image

The Stars Above Black Xs/S Long-Sleeve Satin Robe is a luxurious addition to my nighttime routine. With its luscious satin fabric and 97% recycled polyester blend, the robe provides both comfort and sustainability. Its perfect fit, with a relaxed waist and comfortable length that falls just below the knee, leaves no room for discomfort.

What truly makes this robe unique is its side pocket, adding the perfect touch of functionality. The split neckline not only adds a touch of elegance but also ensures a comfortable wear for those who prefer loose-fitting garments. Additionally, the side vent detail enhances the overall comfort of the robe.

Though the robe is designed to be lightweight, it doesn’t sacrifice style, and I find myself pairing it with slippers for that extra cozy feel. However, one aspect that could be improved is the care and cleaning instructions; considering the recycled materials, it would be beneficial to provide specific washing guidelines.

Overall, the Stars Above Black Xs/S Long-Sleeve Satin Robe is a great investment for those seeking a combination of comfort, style, and sustainability in their nightwear.

Luxurious Black Plush Women’s Robe with Satin Trim

Luxurious Black Plush Women's Robe with Satin Trim | Image

I recently had the chance to try on the Pavilia Soft Plush Women’s Fleece Robe, and let me tell you, it is a luxurious and comfortable experience. From the very first moment, I noticed the soft and silky fabric that feels like a dream on my skin. One of the standout features is the satin trim and waffle cuff, which gives a truly luxurious feel.

The fit of the robe is also perfect, thanks to the adjustable waist strap, and I love having side pockets to keep my essentials close at hand. The high-quality microfiber polyester used in the construction of the robe is not only warm and cozy but also lightweight and easy to care for.

My only minor complaint is the occasional fuzz that gets left on my hair and other soft materials. However, after a few washes, this issue seems to have largely resolved itself. Overall, the Pavilia Soft Plush Women’s Fleece Robe provides an incredible level of warmth and comfort, making it a must-have for those chilly nights at home.

Luxurious Hooded Full-Length Big and Tall Robe for Men

Luxurious Hooded Full-Length Big and Tall Robe for Men | Image

I recently had the pleasure of trying out a men’s full-length hooded robe from Ross Michaels. The first thing that struck me was how luxuriously soft the robe felt when I slipped it on. It’s comforting to know that even after a wash, it retains its softness. What adds to the overall comfort is the generous amount of space it offers, making it perfect for lounging around on chilly days or after a long, hot shower.

One of the standout features is the tie closure. This means that you don’t have to worry about the robe coming undone while you wander around the house. The hood is also a nice touch, especially on colder days. The only drawback I found was that the robe can be quite heavy and bulky, so it might not be the most convenient for everyday use.

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the Ross Michaels men’s full-length hooded robe. The softness, warmth, and convenience are all plus points, but be prepared for a bulky garment to handle.

Comfortable Plush Zippered Lounger Robe — Black

Comfortable Plush Zippered Lounger Robe - Black | Image

This plush zippered lounger robe has become my go-to piece for cozying up after a long day. The 100% polyester microfleece fabric provides a luxurious level of comfort, allowing me to slip into it without any restraints. Its loose-fitting cut ensures that I can move freely and effortlessly.

The vibrant leaf jacquard pattern adds a touch of elegance to this house dress, making it a versatile addition to any wardrobe. It can easily transition from a lounge wear to a chic house dress, and the variety of colors available caters to a range of fashion preferences.

One of the standout features is its full-length front zipper, which makes it easy to wear and take off. It also comes in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of body types, adding to its accessibility.

There are a few minor drawbacks, such as the slightly long sleeves that might require rolling them up. However, these are minor compared to the overall quality and comfort of the robe. I highly recommend it for those who crave luxurious comfort in their daily lives.

Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to dressing in style and sophistication, a black long robe is an excellent choice for any formal event or occasion. This timeless and elegant piece can make you feel confident and stand out from the crowd. Before making a purchase decision, consider the following factors to ensure the black long robe you choose meets your needs and expectations.


Fabric and Material

The fabric and material used in a black long robe can greatly impact its quality and durability. Some popular fabric options include satin, silk, and polyester. Satin provides a smooth and lustrous surface, making it a popular choice for formal events. Silk, on the other hand, adds a luxurious touch and is breathable for warm climates. Polyester can be more affordable and easy to maintain, but it may not have the same level of elegance as silk or satin.

Fit and Comfort

As with any clothing item, fit and comfort are essential. A black long robe should fit comfortably without being too tight or loose. The hem length should be appropriate for your height and the event you’re attending. Consider a robe with adjustable straps or a belt to ensure optimal fit. Additionally, opt for a lining to add comfort and reduce the robe’s weight.


Design and Style

When it comes to black long robe designs, there is a wide range of styles to choose from, including capes, peplums, and off-the-shoulder sleeves. Consider the event and what you want to achieve with your robe. A simple, classic design may be more appropriate for a formal event, while a more daring or bohemian style could be suitable for a casual wedding or special occasion. Make sure to pick a style that complements your personal taste and the overall theme of the event.

Price and Budget

Black long robes can range in price depending on the fabric, design, and brand. Before making a purchase, establish a budget and consider factors like the expected wear and tear, your usage frequency, and the overall value you place on the piece. Don’t be afraid to shop around and compare prices to find the best deal for you. Additionally, consider factoring in shipping costs and any potential return fees.



Why should I choose a black long robe?

A black long robe is a versatile and stylish choice for various occasions. Its simple yet elegant design makes it a timeless piece that can be paired with different outfit combinations. Black is a classic color that is both professional and chic, making it suitable for formal events, job interviews, or as a statement piece for casual outings.

Moreover, its length provides coverage, making it an ideal choice for different body types and shapes. Additionally, its dark hue can help you blend effortlessly into various settings, making it a practical and fashionable option for many people in search of a versatile wardrobe staple. The black long robe offers both style and functionality, making it a worthwhile investment.


What are the different styles of black long robes available?

There are several styles of black long robes, each with its unique features. Some of the most popular styles include the classic straight cut, which offers a tailored and sophisticated look; the A-line cut, which features a more relaxed silhouette and adds volume to the wearer, and the empire waist, which is fitted from the shoulders to the waistline and adds a feminine touch with its flared, knee-length design.

There are also options in terms of sleeve length, with long-sleeved robes offering coverage and a refined look, while short-sleeved or sleeveless robes provide a more casual and breathable feel. These variations in style and sleeve length options cater to different personal preferences, body types, and event requirements.

What types of materials are used to make black long robes?

Black long robes can be found in different materials, each offering its own benefits in terms of comfort, durability, and aesthetics. Some popular materials include silk, which is a luxurious and smooth fabric that provides a elegant and sophisticated appearance, and polyester, which is a synthetic material that is affordable, easy to care for, and available in various colors and patterns.

Other materials include rayon and satin, which both provide a smooth and lustrous finish. Rayon is a semi-synthetic fabric that is lightweight and breathable, while satin is a synthetic fabric that offers a high-shine finish and is often more affordable than silk. Ultimately, the choice of material depends on your personal preferences, budget, and the intended use of the black long robe.


How can I care for my black long robe?

To maintain the longevity and appearance of your black long robe, it is essential to follow proper care guidelines. Depending on the material of the robe, it may require specific cleaning and storage instructions. For example, silk robes should be treated with care and gently hand washed in cool water, using a mild detergent. Polyester and other synthetic materials can typically be machine washed on a gentle cycle, but it is crucial to read the care label before washing. When storing a black long robe, fold it gently or use a garment bag to prevent creases and maintain its shape.

Additionally, consider the environment you store your robe in — avoid exposing it to direct sunlight, excessive heat, or humidity, as these factors can damage the fabric and cause color fading. By following proper care guidelines, you can ensure that your black long robe remains in pristine condition for years to come.

Are there any matching accessories for a black long robe?

Absolutely! A black long robe can serve as a stunning backdrop for various accessories, adding depth and dimension to your outfit. Some popular accessories to pair with a black long robe include: statement jewelry, such as a bold necklace, earrings, or bracelet; belts, which can help create a more defined waistline and add a touch of sophistication; and footwear, such as heels, flats, or boots, to complete the look.

To make your outfit even more elegant, consider coordinating your accessories with the color scheme of the robe — for example, adding a touch of gold or silver jewelry to complement the luxurious finish of the fabric. The key is to find a balance between statement pieces and subtler, complementary accessories. With so many options available, you can create a unique and stunning look tailored to your personal style preferences.

Can I find black long robes in different sizes?

Yes, black long robes are available in various sizes, ensuring that they cater to a wide range of body types and shapes. Many brands offer custom or made-to-measure options, which provide a perfect fit for individual comfort and style. By carefully considering your measurements, you can find a black long robe that fits well and accentuates your best features.

To ensure the best fit, it is essential to measure and provide your dimensions accurately when purchasing a custom or made-to-measure robe. This may include your height, waist, and hip measurements, as well as any preferences regarding sleeve length or additional details, such as buttons or lining. By providing precise measurements and clear instructions, you can have a custom-made black long robe tailored specifically to your body type, guaranteeing a perfectly fitted and flattering garment.

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